How to Draw a Squirrel (Easy Step by Step)


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If you’re looking for how to draw a squirrel tutorial – you’ve found the right place! Here are easy step by step instructions to follow. Just draw the red lines each step of the way.

How to Draw a Cute Squirrel

Step 1. Start to draw part of the squirrel’s face and ears.

Step 2. Add a nose, teeth, and continue the face.

Step 3. Start to draw down the arm.

Step 4. Draw the outline of the eye and the other squirrel arm.

Step 5. Draw the back of the squirrel and the belly line.

Step 6. Draw the two legs with feet.

Step 7. Draw the outline of the big squirrel tail.

Step 8.. Draw the squirrel’s whiskers, a line in his ear, and marks on the hands.

Step 9. You’re done time to color!


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