How to Draw Feet (Easy Step by Step)



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How to Draw Feet Tutorial for Kids

Feet are always a challenge to draw but here is a tutorial showing you how to draw an easy beginner foot!

How to Draw a Foot Instructions:

Step 1. Draw a sideways oval shape.

Step 2. Leave a gap under the top oval and draw a smaller one angled sideways a bit.

Step 3. Connecting from the top oval, draw a bigger toe oval and the pinky toe.

Step 4. Touching the other toes, draw two more oval toes.

Step 5. Finish the toes with the middle one.

Step 6. Draw a line connecting the top oval to the bottom.

Step 7. On the opposite side, draw a line connecting them.

Step 8. Make the details on the bottom of the foot with 4 lines. You’re done!

How to Draw Both Feet

Step 1. Draw two straight lines parallel then two small lines angled outwards.

Step 2. Draw the toes and curve back up (you could do 5 if you’re trying to make more realistic looking feet)

Step 3. Make the curved line to the heal go upwards. Draw the little curved line inside for the details. Done!



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