How to Remove Paint from Concrete


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How to Get Paint off Concrete

There are a few ways to get paint off your concrete floor but the most toxic is the paint stripper method. I just tried a cheaper, but NOT easier method! LOL! It still worked though. Note that the concrete I scrubbed is whiter than surrounding areas.

Here’s the video that inspired me to try:

Nail Polish Remover Method

You will need water, Acetone nail polish, and a stiff wire brush. I got my brush at Home Depot. The stain I removed was a 3+ year OLD white paint stain on my front porch. This also works on spray paint that you may have over sprayed on the concrete.

First, cover the paint with the nail polish remover and let it sit for 15 seconds then start scrubbing hard with the wire brush all different directions. Once the nail polish remover has dried up, keep adding water, then scrub again. Repeat until removed! Note, you will need to use some of your own “elbow grease” if this is an older stain.

Paint Stripper Method

Depending on the type of paint that was spilled you should check if you need an oil based paint stripper. You pour that on top of the paint stain then wait 1-8 hours (depending on product info) before removing it.

Power Washing

After trying both of these methods you will want to get out your power washer and rinse off the excess left. With the wire brush it can leave a black film from it so you’ll want to get fresh water on it ASAP!


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