In Search of Christmas

In Search of Christmas: The story was about Oliver, Tadd, and Leo. They were intelligent and adventurous dogs who were on a mission to find the “lost” Christmas. They left home without informing their parents, mark, and Jenny!

The first journey took them from home in Minnesota to New York. They got to New York by train. The trip was sluggish but worth it. When they reached New York City, they met Emily. Emily had lost her dog, Tiny. The dog team offered to help her- She was emotional and excited when Tadd found and rescued Tiny. They all went home with Emily….left Emily’s home shortly to continue searching for “the lost Christmas.”

On the street, they saw a billboard that read “Celebrate Christmas in Paris, France”…they stowed their way to Paris…they found a little lost boy named Tommy. Oliver called the pol, and a police officer adopted Tommy, an orphan. The police officer and Tommy invited the trio dogs to their home…in the morning; the police officer had another mission: to rescue a skydiver missing in Norway!

In Search of Christmas

The trio dogs hopped Jack’s helicopter to the tallest mountain where they found the missing skydiver, Arrie…the dogs dragged Arrie, who was severely hurt and shivering, out of the woods for the rescue team to see them. The town had a parade to honor the trio dogs’ help and bravery. However, the dogs met Norman during the celebration, who asked for their companionship during his cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. After many days on the sea,…they arrived in Israel, where they discovered Hanukkah.

In Israel…they drove to a little where they saw a man, a woman, and a baby in a manger! They also saw Sheppard, a camel, sheep, a goat, and angels in the sky around everyone…they wondered what the meaning was! Norman explained to them about the Special Baby born in Bethlehem…the Baby came so everyone can go to heaven. Therefore, each year, people re-enact the first Christmas! The trio dogs bowed as they eventually found Christmas! They were so excited to see how precious the gift of baby Jesus is! Meanwhile, someone saw them in the crowd and shouted, “These are the lost dogs”…” lost dogs,” they puzzled.

The trio dogs were surprised at first to learn that they had been declared missing. The entire town welcomed them back…they were thrilled to let their parents, Mark and Jenny, know they found Christmas!

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