JAYDEN TIE YOUR SHOES: Jayden’s life is filled with journey from begin to end. Jaden remembers all the things from brushing his tooth to combing his hair for varsity. Nonetheless, Jayden forgets one factor each time: To tie his sneakers!

Every time Jayden is requested to tie his sneakers, he would say, “Bunny ears, bunny ears, loop in between, seize all sides and pull them tie”.

As a result of Jayden all the time retains his sneakers untied, he was stopped from working throughout P.E, so Jayden misplaced the race. As well as, throughout lunch, Jayden tripped over shoestrings and dropped the lunch (Pizza) he needed to eat. Jayden felt unhappy due to the journeys, the falls, and the missed-out races, so he requested for a shoe with no laces.

Jayden’s mommy bought him new sneakers with Velcro- Jayden was so completely satisfied.

The lesson from Jayden’s story was that youngsters ought to put on their sneakers with the laces tied. Furthermore, they may put on sneakers with Velcro.

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