Skip Counting Pattern Activity with Printable Skip Counting Worksheet


This hands on skip counting activity helps kids discover math patterns in a way that your math-learner can actually “see” skip-counting. With a little practice, kids will learn to guess which number will come next by simply following the skip counting pattern. You can use this skip counting activity at home or in the classroom outside on the sidewalk with chalk, inside on paper or download and print our free skip counting worksheet.

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Let’s do a skip counting activity!

Skip Counting Games for Kids

This simple skip counting pattern game is great for kids learning how to skip count.

Skip counting is a method of counting numbers by adding a number every time to the previous number. For example, skip counting by 2, we get 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and so on. 

ByJu’s Math Skip Counting

With this simple game (you can play with chalk, pencil & paper, or our printable skip counting worksheet) kids will see the patterns while skip counting and shapes emerge as they practice counting with different amounts of “skip”!

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There is a feeling of excitement and sense of accomplishment when kids figure out what “comes next” in the skip counting pattern.

Free Printable Skip Counting Worksheet

skip counting worksheet pdf shown with skip counting practice circles for skip counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - Kids Activities Blog
Print this skip counting worksheet pdf to start the math fun!

Download & Print Skip Counting Worksheet pdf File Here:

How to Use the Skip Counting Worksheet

  1. To start you find the first number that you are counting from.  
  2. You and your child draw a straight line from that number to the last number in the integer in the series.  
  3. For 7’s you would start at the 7 and then for 14, you would go to the 4, then to the 1 for 21, etc.  
  4. Keep going around and around the circle as your numbers grow.
  5. A shape will appear and as you go, your child should be able to guess what the next number is going to be, even if they never skip counted before!
example of filled in skip counting worksheet for skip counting by 6, 7 and 8 using the skip counting worksheet and a red crayon
This is what your skip counting worksheet patterns might look like!

Watch Skip Counting in Action with Our Video

Skip Counting Patterns with Sidewalk Chalk

We recreated the circles of numbers on our patio… next time the kids want to hop through their skip-counting by doing a giant version on the driveway!

skip counting pattern game outside with sidewalk chalk and child creating a skip counting pattern by counting by 2s - Kids Activities Blog
Look how the pattern emerges when you skip count by 2s!

Skip Counting Songs Can Help!

There are a bunch of skip counting songs online that can help your child as you do this activity.  

Our favorites come from the band, Rocking the Standards.   Their Rocking the Nines song, rocks!

Our Experience with Skip Counting Pattern Activity

We are a homeschooling family and math is something that I struggled with as a child, I am *so* pleased that my kids are “getting” it!   My just-turned 5 year old loves watching patterns emerge, I think most 3-5 year olds enjoy patterns.  

We practiced our skip counting on paper several times before moving to chalk.

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Did your kids love this skip counting pattern activity? Did they like the skip counting worksheet or doing this math activity outside on the sidewalk better?


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