Stacked Chalky Looking Pumpkin Buckets


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Sabrina Kelly made this farmhouse looking stacked pumpkin decor using plastic pumpkin buckets!! It is so awesome and she shared her tutorial with us!

She cut off the pumpkin bucket straps then painted them/seal coated them. She used hot glue to attach each pumpkin and put a round pole down the middle.

Use 1/4 of each color to a 3/4 of white.
Tan ones…
3/4 white
1/4 black
1/4 orange
1/4 gold
And a tsp of baking soda for the chalky look

Green ones…
3/4 white
1/4 green
1/4 black
1/4 gold
And a tsp of baking soda for the chalky look

That is a start and you can play with it after that.

The base is a flower pot from the Dollar General store placed upside down. It came in this color and didn’t have to paint it. She hot glued rope, a burlap, and faux flowers to decorate it! I think this is so cute to put on the front porch for fall.


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