The Magical Rainbow Cake: Children’s Picture Book

The Magical Rainbow Cake: Farry and Kammy are two little sisters who love cooking and baking delicious treats with their mom. One Christmas Eve they decide to surprise their parents and bake a magical rainbow cake for them.

The Magical Rainbow Cake

The Magical Rainbow Cake

Once they have all the ingredients they need, Farry and Kammy set to work. But when they put a little too much magic into their cake something amazing happens.
The cake expands and grows. It escapes from the oven and floods the house. Soon it is out in the street and with no sign of the cake’s expansion stopping the girls have to act. They decide to call Fairy Godmother, using some of the magic powder left over.

She knows exactly what to do and before long the street has been cleaned up and the cake has been transformed into lots of smaller cupcakes, all in pretty rainbow boxes. But what will Farry and Kammy do with all of these cakes?

They have an idea that will spread lots of Christmas cheer to many more people but can you guess what it is?
The Magical Rainbow Cake is a fun book for children that carries an important message too. Young kids will love reading about Farry and Kammy’s adventures and learn about caring for others at the same time.

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The Magical Rainbow Cake

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