18 Genius Home Office Organization Ideas


Having a home office is more and more common which brings its own challenges especially for the busy mom. Today we have the best ideas to keep a home office organized in the middle of a chaotic house. An organized home office can also help keep the rest of the house under control as well!

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Let’s get our home office organized!

Family Home Office Organization Ideas

Every house has that area where they collect school work, bills, and random tasks that help keep a family organized, it’s usually the office. This work space is even more chaotic if you, like me, work from home!

Here are some Genius Mom-Office Ideas to help you organize your office space and home space. From big home offices to small home office ideas, these are a great way to clean up that workspace!

Having a good home office setup is the best way to keep clutter and stress away from you and your modern home office.

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Home Office Organizing for Moms & Beyond

1. Organize Cords

Organize those cords with TP tubes and washi tape. You can color coordinate and label the sections to help you remember which cord goes to which device. via Our Thrifty Ideas 

2. Cheap Home Office Makeover

You don’t need to break the bank in order to get an organized and clean house! Check out how this blogger updated her office with scrapbook paper, spray paint, and tape and thrift items. Love how tidy it looks! via Two Twenty One

3. Paper Clip and Rubber Band Trick

I bet you never thought of using a rubber band like this before – you can bind a set of pages into a book with this nifty hack! via Lifehacker

4. Desk Drawer Organization Ideas

A collection of nesting boxes will help rescue and organize even the most disastrous of junk drawers! And they look cute. via Modish and Main

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Home office organization has never been prettier or easier!

How To Organize A Home Office

5. Paper Roll Dispenser

Just genius. Keep track of your to-do list and family notes with a giant roll of paper. Just mount it to the wall! via Design Milk – You can get the roll on Amazon.  

6. File Cabinet Organization

Are your files chaotic? Maybe you are keeping them too long, or holding onto the wrong things. Here is a great list of office tips and ideas to help you prioritize what is important to keep or toss. via The Order Expert

7. Build Your Own Command Center

Create a command center near your desk. Often mom’s desk is the catchall place for all things paper and schedule related for the whole family. Take the stress off and create a “zone” for your kids stuff near your desk. via Unoriginal Mom 

8. Pen Holder Notebook

Are you a notebook hog? I have three notebooks, and you will rarely see me without my journals and planners. Create a pen kozzy to help you keep track of your page and writing tool. via Made to Be a Momma 

9. Travel Notebook Ideas

Make your own pocketed travel notebook to keep all those loose notes and business cards in one place. via Simple as That Blog

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10. Office Supply Station

Do you have a flexible office? And need some flexible storage? This is perfect for folks who are setting up a mini-brainstorming session at a coffee house, or who need something portable. Watch how you can make a paper accordion office supply station. via Crafting Geek on Youtube 

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Let’s get the home office clutter under control.

11. Desk Drawer Organization

Don’t have space for a full out office? You can make an “office zone” in your kitchen. Add a charging station for all your devices at the back of the drawer. via Houzz

12. DIY Dry Erase Board

White boards are super handy. You can create lists or reminders, and when your are done, cross them off! Every family needs one on the desk and another near the front door! You can make a white board from picture frames. via Two Twenty One

13. Drawer Dividers

Make super cute DIY drawer dividers out of cereal boxes! Brilliant, right? via IHeart Organizing 

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Let’s get the home office efficient and attractive…

DIY Home Office Ideas

14. Clip It Organizer

Need extra space on your desk? How about making some clip-on baskets to add some extra storage. via Brit + Co

15. Paper Pocket

Help keep wires that you don’t need access to regularly, tidy. Add a pocket behind your desktop monitor. Put the wires there when you aren’t using them. via Instructables 

16. Power Strip On Desk

Strap a power strip to the leg of your desk to minimize the number of wires trailing across the floor. This will even work for a small desk. I would probably use it on the side away from the office chair. via Organizing Made Fun

17. Office Chest

Transform a chest into a mini-office. Complete with a file cabinet, corkboard note section, and boxes with office supplies. via Apartment Therapy

18. Black Chalkboard Paint

Make your décor work for you! Paint a wall in your office with black chalkboard paint. You can brainstorm, keep track of dates, and keep important info – all in view. It holds way more than bulletin boards. via Decoist

My Experience with Organizing a Home office

If you’re like me, you find it is hard to keep your office organized. I work from home, this is the room where my kids and husbands also use the other computer or their laptops.

It is also where they bring their papers to me, where bills sit, and let’s be honest, it can get pretty chaotic in here.

So, these amazing office organizing ideas are great for the work area, any small space your family uses.

15 Ways to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

More Organization Hacks For Kids Activities Blog

Don’t stop in your home office! If your house is like ours, keeping a home organized is a process that encompasses the whole house – from the top to the bottom! Here are more ideas to help you declutter and organize your whole home.

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