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Making an ‘Q is for queen craft’ is a fun way to introduce a new letter of the alphabet. This Letter Q Craft is one of our favorite letter Q activities for preschoolers because the word queen starts with Q and the letter craft is shaped like the letter Q. This letter Q preschool craft works well at home or in the preschool classroom.

finished q us for queen craft for preschoolers- the queen is created form the shape of a letter q decorated with yarn, googly eyes, tin foil crown, and pom poms- kids activities blog
Let’s make a Q is for Queen craft!

Easy Letter Q Craft

Preschoolers can either draw the letter Q shape themselves or use our letter Q template. Our favorite part of this letter craft is attaching the pom poms and yarn to make an queen!

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supplies needed for q is for queen preschool letter q craft- yarn, pom poms, aluminum foil, googly eyes- kids activities blog
This is what you will need to make a preschool queen craft.

Supplies needed

Watch How To Make Preschool Q Is For Queen Craft

Instructions for Letter Q Preschool Craft: Angel

Step 1 – Create the Letter Q Shape

Trace and cut out letter Q or download, print and cut out this letter Q template:

Step 2 – Give Craft a Canvas Foundation

Glue the letter Q onto the piece of construction paper of a contrasting color.

Step 3 – Add the Queen Details to the Letter Q

  1. For the queen’s eyes: Glue the googly eyes to the top of the Q.
  2. For the queen’s hair: Cut yarn to desired length and glue it to the sides of the letter Q for hair.
  3. For the queen’s crown: Grab your aluminum foil and cut out a grown. Glue pom poms on it to look like gems.
Finished q us for queen preschool letter q craft on a white background- kids activities blog
I love how our Q is for queen craft turned out.

Finished Q is for Angel Craft

Q is for Queen craft is done!

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What changes did you make to the Q is for queen preschool craft?


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